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Update on Full Practice Authority Campaign

Posted over 4 years ago by Carolyn Stahlhut

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Dear Buxmont members,

Happy Nurse Practitioner Week!  This year we celebrating 50 years of delivering high quality patient centered care!


It was wonderful to see so many from our group at the annual PCNP conference.  We had a wonderful educational and networking time, and received great tips and updates for our campaign.  There is still much to be done to get our bills out of committee and onto the floor for a vote.  WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!! 


There are many committee members to thank, and many that still need to be educated on what PA Nurse Practitioners do for our healthcare system.  Please reach out and thank or encourage your Senators and Representatives to support these bills.  One of us would be glad to help you or go visit with you if you would like.  


We have a strong past of NP Legislation removing barriers; prescriptive authority, completing physician only signed papers to name two.  With our bill, NP's will  continue to collaborate to provide the quality, safe, economical health care to PA residents without a physician contract.  Please help us now!  Our future NP's will thank you!  Our patients will thank you! 


Please look for your name and your legislator's name on the attached document.  Their contact information is on the internet.  The talking points are also attached.  Reach out to anyone of us for questions or concerns.  Please see attachments. Thank you for your continued support!!


Lois Chappell, Lori Martin-Plank,Eugenia Burkholder