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Lobby Day Tuesday May 3, 2016

Posted over 4 years ago by Carolyn Stahlhut

Hi--I know that we have spoken about this at our meetings and made announcements but I want to take a few minutes to re-emphasize the need for full participation in Lobby Day, Tuesday, May 3 in Harrisburg. The start time is 10AM. We are coming down the home stretch. We have the support of over 50% of the Senate.  Our task on Lobby Day is to secure the support of the House of Representatives.  We NEED you to do this. Our bill has a strong chance to pass if we have this

Please put in for a personal leave day at work, or a vacation day now. We need your colleagues, especially those who don't participate in anything.  I want to campaign for the buddy system--bring someone along with you. If at all possible, bring a patient with you.  We need advocates and patients are our greatest advocates. If you precept, bring your student.  If you teach in an NP program or an undergraduate nursing program, bring the students.  It is real life education in politics and health policy; better than any class can do.

So here is our plan and YOU are an important part of it.

1. Go to http://www.pacnp.org/ and register for Lobby Day so we can get a head count of who is coming.

2..  We need to know who will help with carpooling.  If your last name begins with A-L, please email Lois Chappell at lois.chappell@temple.edu  If your last name begins with M to Z, please email Lori Martin-Plank at lorimpcrnp@yahoo.com

We need to know your name, address including zip code, how many you can take in your car (not counting yourself) and your contact number and email.  Please send us this information ASAP.  We have just about a month to get this together.

3. If you CAN attend Lobby Day but cannot drive, please email Jo Cosminski at jcosminski@verizon.net  We will coordinate this with Jo to see if we can match up drivers and riders.

4. Bring another NP who is not a member.

5. Bring an NP student if you are precepting.

6. If you can bring a patient, PLEASE do so.

7. Let us know who your representative is; we will try to coordinate appointments so there are not several groups at different times for the same representative.

We are really excited about this and hope that you are also.  You will be hearing from us soon and we hope to hear from you also.  Remember, if everyone does his/her part, we will have a great showing!

Lori, Lois, and Genia

Lori Martin-Plank, Lois Chappell, Eugenia Burkholder